International healthcare group

Consumer sales transformation and change

The Challenge

A leading UK Insurance provider agreed a number of initiatives in response to an action in an assessment letter received from the FCA. As a result, our client’s Consumer Sales department was tasked with enhancing it’s distribution capability, specifically looking at:

Establishing and leading change through a revised governance structure

Reviewing the operating model to ensure it is effective, customer focused, and regulatory compliant

Creating a central Operations team to uplift capabilities, enabling frontline managers to focus more on managing performance and driving continuous improvement

Our Approach

We mapped out the existing and desired customer journeys across the sales and retention teams.

We reviewed the way customer experience was measured and recommended new CX governance forums and processes to drive customer centric change.

We reviewed the operating model to support the experience and recommendations for improvement.

We created a central Operations team to manage change.

We recommended a desired sales model with a greater customer focus that adhered to regulatory requirements.

The 3 month review resulted in the detailed documentation of desired future experiences and a timeline to move the Consumer Sales team towards the future operating model.

The Outcome

Our client moved immediately to implementing the top priority initiatives off the back of our recommendations.

An efficient, customer-focused operating model was defined to remain compliant in a heavily regulated industry along with a timeline for implementation.

Four new governance forums were introduced to improve integration between Sales, Operations and Customer.

A centralised Operations team was created to focus on change, enabling the Sales team to focus on sales only.

A multi-tiered organisational design was developed to enhance customer and colleague experience.

A consistent training and development framework was implemented to give employees a more viable career progression.

Client Testimonial

PEN CX established a programme to improve our operations, whilst at the same time creating a stronger focus on our customers. Their way of working is highly collaborative and they very quickly fitted in to become part of the team at a time of significant change. These guys are doers, they roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to the real issues.