International manufacturing corporation

Customer journey mapping

The Challenge

Whilst the client has a CX approach, the focus was on direct interactions between the customer and the brand rather than looking at all the interactions across the full end-to-end customer journey.

They also had only focused on two out of the three main customer groups and the interactions that happen between the different customer groups and the business had not been taken into account.

Our Approach

We ran a set of workshops to develop journey maps and held 1:1 meetings to gather the data, knowledge and insight necessary.

Through these different interactions, we developed current state end-to-end journey maps with associated touchpoints, agreed painpoints and ‘Moments of Truth’, and identified the issues, opportunities and emotions of the customers.

We developed future state customer journeys and created a prioritised change roadmap to build an action plan to make tangible improvements to CX.

We also identified the interactions that happen between the different customer groups across each customer journey and the impact they have on the business.

The Outcome

Global teams were brought together to deliver consistent customer experiences across the territories and improve staff engagement.

A short-term plan was implemented based on a prioritised set of opportunities, focusing on fixing the basics and ensuring the right measurement framework is set up.

Over 30 people were trained on how to do customer journey mapping. We developed a methodology that employees can consult with to assess new painpoints and opportunities.

Client Testimonial

The style in which they work was very engaging and the methodology really helped to get business buy-in. This work has been pivotal in supporting the development of our business strategy using a customer lense. A fantastic piece of work that will propel us forward towards our ambition!