Multi-national Wealth Management Group

Transformation and change management

The Challenge

The Group had a vision of what would be required to become their customers' (end customers, intermediaries and businesses) most trusted partner. We were asked to assist in defining this more clearly and ultimately delivering it.

Our Approach

We worked with the group executive team to establish a clear brand promise and plan for rolling out the customer strategy and how the overarching objectives could translate into operational reality.

We provided subject matter expertise to assist the business units with planning and delivering a wide range of projects to drive customer centric improvements.

We mobilised the projects and gained management commitment to the plans, while supporting local executives to embed the changes into their existing units.

The Outcome

We saw improved customer experience and advocacy, resulting in more than 10% growth in Net Promoter Scores and Net Effort Scores across the whole group, alongside uplifts in staff engagement.

Key metrics for organic growth in customer numbers and loyalty also showed consistent growth correlated to CX improvement

One business unit had NPS growth from +23% at outset to +53% and this is still improving today. They also won an award for best example of Employee Experience in FS in Europe.