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Employee journey mapping

The Challenge

Our client wanted to understand how their employees think and feel about the experience they had with the business and what it was like to work there. They knew that there was inconsistency across the employee journey and wanted to identify how they could make it better.

There are ~5,000 employees in the UK and we were asked to review the employee experience for ~2,200 of them spread across different locations and teams. We were asked to review the employee journey and make recommendations for improvement.

Our Approach

We ran a set of workshops to develop employee journey maps for 5 personas (using different grades, locations, roles and career types) and supplemented these through a series of 1:1 meetings to ensure that we had the data, knowledge and insight necessary to understand the employee journey for different personas.

We developed current state end-to-end employee journey maps with associated touchpoints, painpoints, emotions and ‘Moments of Truth’.

We then designed future state journeys and created a prioritised roadmap and associated plan to make tangible improvements.

We also designed a survey to support the findings from the workshop to help prioritise and refine the initiatives.

The Outcome

We identified over 60 initiatives to improve the experience and prioritised a set of solutions into an action plan across 3 phases of work.

We also used past experience together with insight from the project to set out how the improvement programme should be managed so as to achieve maximum employee ownership and buy-in.

We trained the HR team to deliver the employee journey mapping sessions in the future and use the methodology to aid continuous improvement.

The HR team is in the process of building findings into their plans through to 2020.