My personal alarm clock is to improve the health and wellbeing of people served by the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sectors.

I successfully pioneered the adoption of Customer Experience Management to address challenges commonly faced in these sectors, becoming the first pharma company executive globally to be awarded CCXP status.

Helping organisations to stop just talking about the development of customer value and enabling them to consistently deliver it through day-to-day operations is a challenge I love to take on.

Football. Cooking. Travel.

I specialise in customer strategy and delivering customer experience programmes which differentiate organisations in crowded and competitive markets in today’s “omni-channel” world.

This often starts with helping to define how an organisation’s brand promise and strategy can be delivered to customers and business partners consistently by everyone at each customer touchpoint.

As a CCXP-qualified advisor, I have deep experience of helping to develop more customer centric cultures which permeate all levels of the organisation so that everyone places the customer at the heart of what they do.

Cars. Sharpies. Gadgets.

I am a rounded CCXP-qualified advisor with skills ranging from development of customer strategies through to working the detail of CEX management. I am happiest when helping organisations who have a genuine desire to deliver consistently great experiences for their customers and implementing things that make a difference.

I combine consulting know-how and analytical skills with broader commercial and industry experience gained over the last 20 years. Helping clients be successful is what gets me out of bed with a spring in my step.

North Norfolk coast. Cheesy movies. Challenges.

Hannah Isaacs

Management Consultant

I specialise in Customer Experience and Digital Transformation within the Retail and Hospitality sectors. I am passionate about understanding the personal needs of customers and ensuring that businesses make the right decisions to benefit both their customers and employees.

My focus is to ensure there is a consistent experience across all touchpoints and channels, including the UX of digital products. Through enabling the right culture and ways of working, I can help to identify process, technology and people improvements to deliver sustainable growth.

Coffee. Tennis. Cello.

Ben Donaghue

Management Consultant

I love helping organisations to improve their performance by putting their customers at the centre of what they do.

I’m a CCXP-qualified consultant and have skills in defining customer strategies, developing new experiences, improving operations and measuring the impact of change.

I always enjoy working closely with clients and like to have fun along the way.

Rock climbing. Adventures. Cakes.