You may be just starting out in becoming customer centric.
You may have an existing programme in-flight.
You may need to strengthen your capabilities or solve a specific issue.

Whatever stage you're at, we can support you along the journey.

Across all four services, we use our PEN CX framework as a basis of how we consult, how we train people, how we measure readiness/maturity of clients and how we find suitable resources.

Our Framework

To create a customer-centric culture, it is critical that an organisation introduces and embeds some rigor and structure to manage the customer and employee experience. The deployment of a customer experience management framework not only enables this, it also creates an environment that encourages continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Delivered experience

The reality of the experience delivered to customers and employees, the degree of advocacy and the extent to which it matches the intended experience designed

Measurement and governance

The measurement of an experience to determine the cause/effect of activities and improvements, and the governance structures in place to ensure consistent delivery across all touch points.

People and culture

The motivation and engagement of colleagues to deliver an ideal experience, and the connection between day-to-day behaviours and the impact they have on the customer experience

Purpose and strategy

The articulation of the role an organisation has in the life of its customers, and the application ofresources to purposefully achieve customer outcomes


The creation of ideal end-to-end journeys which consistently delivers the organisation’s purpose to customers


The alignment and management of operations to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations