Whatever stage you are at, we can support you along the journey.

Strategy and purpose
Design and Governance
Measurement and Insight
Operational Alignment & Readiness
People and Culture
Delivered Experience


We advise businesses across various sectors in all aspects of Customer Experience Management. For any stage of the Customer Experience lifecycle, we can support you by doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. We provide practical and actionable solutions to help organisations manage customer related requirements.

We can help with anything from formulating a strategy, building brand purpose and values, creating a vision, conducting readiness assessments, mapping and managing customer journeys, designing measurement frameworks, delivering operating model re-designs and implementing transformational cultural change.



We provide a detailed, objective benchmarked assessment of your organisations capability to manage your customers, prospects and stakeholders.

We use our assessment framework and maturity model to establish the extent to which your organisation possesses and uses each of the capabilities required to be customer centric.

The resulting outputs will be a detailed report with a degree of benchmarking against other organisations we have worked with.

We will work with you to then generate a recommended set of potential actions and options for how you can meet your goals and drive sustainable value through Customer Experience Management.



Individuals gain the right skillset and motivation to improve brand perception, customer advocacy and ultimately develop sustainable growth through delivering the right customer experience.

We engage leadership teams to create alignment around the benefits of Customer Experience Management and build the momentum required.

We share tools and techniques to engage people to deliver ideal customer experiences. We upskill with practical and engaging courses to turn ideas into an operational reality.

We deliver bespoke action learning experiences and study tours in the UK and overseas to see and learn first-hand how CX leaders deliver great experience.



There are times when our clients just need that extra pair of hands, or a particular subject matter expert who can help them get through a project or provide support to their internal teams.

We offer a wide range of skilled contract associate resources, whom we have worked with before and come highly recommended.

We fully support them throughout their contract ensuring all of PEN CX’s relevant experience is applied, in addition to that of the individual.

Our unique process reduces the burden of search for our clients. We are able to understand your requirements to rapidly deliver top candidates and mobilise them quickly within your organisation.